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I am a leader and innovator in the Self-Healing and Resilient Communities movement. I work with individuals, organizations, and communities globally to help us realize our innate capacity to flourish. 


I am a passionate student, researching at the intersection of neuroscience, anatomy, energy medicine, and somatic intelligence. I love seeing the change that happens when people discover the exquisite intelligence of their bodies and learn how to work with it.

I am the author of the courses Self-Regulation: Creating Habits of Ease, Take Care of Your Heart: Find Strength at All Levels; co-author for the course Restorative Anatomy for Self-Regulation.

I love working in and learning with our beloved communities. I am grateful for all the courageous, passionate, creative, humble, caring, brilliant, and visionary people I get to meet as clients, colleagues, students, and friends. 


The Official Story

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I am an organization and leadership development consultant, seasoned trainer, author, and facilitator. In 2003, I began working with communities, networks, and organizations across Washington and globally, with a vision of creating healthy and resilient communities. I've experienced the growth of self-healing communities movement first hand. Amazing to get to hold a diversity of facilitation, training, and consulting roles including: 

  • Consulting with organizations globally using a participatory leadership, living systems, and dialogic organization development approaches.

  • Facilitating, training, and consulting for the Self-Healing Communities networks.

  • Co-facilitating the first international ACEs think tank and the first N.E.A.R. Science think tank. (Neuroscience, Epigenetics, ACEs, and Resilience)

  • Training organizations and leaders in trauma-informed care and N.E.A.R. Sciences 

  • Training community and organizational leaders in The Art of Participatory Leadership and stewarding the global Art of Hosting Community of Practice.

  • Facilitating the statewide ACEs and Resilience Community of Practice for 3 years.

I've been on a journey to discover how we heal trauma - generation to generation. For 8 years I've been a ReConnective Therapy practitioner. I have an Anatomy Specialization from the University of Michigan and advanced anatomy training and have extensively studied somatic practice including: breathwork, posture, movement, and voice. This included studying with exceptional teachers of Aston Kinetics, the Alexander Method, and the Realization Process. 

Prior to 2003 I worked in high-tech as a Leadership and Organizational Development Consultant and led an internal training organization. My specialties were teaching Leading-Change, and running the key people bench program for emerging senior leaders. 

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