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Discover the inner work of leadership

Teresa offers individual and group coaching for ongoing clients and students

The inner work of leadership supports us in bringing forward our gifts, wisdom, and perseverance as we navigate profound changes in our lives and world. Teresa has benefited by having amazing teachers and coaches in her own life who took the time to support the inner work of transformation. Our core emotional patterns and programs for how we move through the world begin early in life. They are often hard to see but run much of our life and impact our health. Coming home to our hearts we resolve what is heavy on our hearts and create room for the dreams in our hearts. Our brilliance, gifts, purpose, and leadership come to life. 


Reconnective Therapy (RCT) is part of Teresa’s coaching practice. RCT is an energetic healing modality which facilitates the alignment of the physical, mental, and emotional bodies to their blueprint of well-being. The intention behind RCT is that the body has all the information it needs to correct itself to optimum health when reconnected. Energy blocks develop in the body following traumatic events, injury, addictions, etc. in ways that cut off balanced communication with the body as a whole. RCT can heal the emotional, physical, and energetic impacts that stay in the body by raising the energy through frequency work, through resonance. We can tune to our wholeness.

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Other Services

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Evolve your organization or community toward healing centered engagement.

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Bring me in for a 1-4 hour keynote or workshop!

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Check out my wide range of course offerings -- also customiziable for groups.

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