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Cultivating Self-Healing and Resilient Communities


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Consulting & Facilitation

Creating healthy and resilient communities and organizations

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The Wisdom is in the Room

Emerging Wisdom is dedicated to creating healthy and resilient communities and organizations. Every community and organization we work with is a laboratory of grace. We are courageously finding our ways forward, discovering our innate brilliance, beauty, and wholeness. We create cultures of health and well-being by weaving insights from living systems, anatomy, neuroscience, epigenetics, energy medicine, and somatic (body) intelligence. 

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Teresa Posakony, Founder

Teresa  is honored to learn and work with amazing organizations, partners, and humans. We come together as communities of practice, learning how to live the future now. Teresa is a student of living systems and thus of emergence. Engaging emergence invites us to be present to the seeds of the new amidst the turmoil and chaos of change. We can work with compassion, creativity, co-learning, and clarity through the cycles of change. Knowing the wisdom is in the room, or in the community, we create conditions for hosting powerful conversations and co-learning that leads to wise action. Teresa has been designing and hosting strategic conversations and learning events for over 20 years. She is passionate about creating forms of leadership and organizations that are life-affirming and restorative. We have so much to learn together. May we be bold in embodying and realizing our gifts, callings, and human potential.

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