Self-Regulation Trainings

Hooray we are rolling out Self-Regulation training broadly and recently ran our first train the trainer!

We have a Self-Regulation series that is good for everyone who’s looking for effective self-care practices – or – wants to care for their nervous system, vital organs, and brains. If you’d like to work better with stress in order to bring out your brilliance, come join us. Our next series is a Tuesday lunchtime series, November 2-23. We are trying a flexible tuition model. If needed, use discount codes FLEX55 for $20 off or FLEX35 for $40.

We also have a series for Healthcare Practitioners which dives deeper into understanding the anatomy of self-care. You’ll understand why these practices are so efficient and explore client and clinical applications in addition to caring for your own nervous system. Join Aubrey Lesicki Thursdays October 7-28

We are grateful to be sharing Self-Regulation practices as part of our Self-Healing Communities efforts. Our bodies are really smart!

Empower yourself with easy and effective practices you can do anywhere. Tune into the intelligence of your body. Discover game changing insights you can use throughout the day to feel more energy, mental clarity, and emotional modulation. Find out what works for YOU rooted in the latest research in neuroscience, neuroanatomy, polyvagal theory, energy medicine, and somatic intelligence. Somatic intelligence means learning about the intelligence of your body and how to work with it. Understanding how your body works is central to self-regulation.

Self-regulation helps us navigate life with more balance and ease. Self-regulation is a practice of self-care that keeps us in better contact with ourselves in our bodies.

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