Season 2 Webinars: WA ACEs and Resilience Community of Practice

I’m hosting the 2020 ACEs and Resilience Community of Practice Webinar Series for Washington’s Essentials for Childhood! Our second season features a stellar lineup of leaders and communities from across the state. Each offers wisdom and practical advice from their break-through efforts.

Watch the first 5 episodes via the links below, 2 more episodes to come!

Read the webinar summaries and access the resources shared.

Trauma-Informed Workplaces: Practice Applications in Equity, Empathy, and Employee Development

Presenters: Delena Meyer, Owner and Strategist, Way Enough Decision Coaching, and Toby Lucich, Managing Partner and Founder, KineticHealth, have found emerging practices that can change the way people show up at work. They call it “Human at Work.” In this webinar, Meyer and Lucich help participants understand what trauma-informed approaches might begin to look like when applied to workplace policy, management, and employee experience.

The Science of Hope: Hope Predicts Adaptive Outcomes, Hope Buffers the Effects of Adversity, and Hope Can be Influenced and Sustained

Presenter: Kody Russell, Executive Director of Kitsap Strong, introduces the science of hope and shows how it buffers adversity and stress, leads to positive outcomes, and is a strength that can be nurtured with targeted intervention. This workshop presents the science of Hope as a psychological strength in our ability to cope with traumatic experiences and flourish toward future goals. Russell presents “hands-on” tools to assess and nurture hope across the lifespan. He asks participants to examine how they are a pathway for clients to achieve goals and how they can help clients see them as pathways and not barriers.

Three Guiding Truths for Building Regulation and Resilience in Children with Significant Trauma Related Needs

Presenter: Tiffany Sudela-Junker, mother by adoption to two children with vastly different trauma-based special needs, filmmaker, and a 2017 Angels in Adoption Award recipient from Senator Patty Murray (WA). Sudela-Junker shares stories from her own personal and parenting transformation along with the science and insight that led her to uncover Three Guiding Truths for supporting children, parents, and providers. She illustrates how responding in biologically respectful ways builds environments that support regulation, hope and resilience in children with significant trauma related needs

Empowering Parents with the Brain Science and VRoom:

Presenter: Marilyn Gisser. Promoting brain building moments and parenting also helps us strengthen families! VROOM takes the science out of the lab and puts it into the hands of parent in a fun and easy way.  VROOM was developed by the Bezos Family Foundation in partnership with leaders in science, early learning and brain development. Brain building moments are all around us.  Children love to learn in relation to trusted adults around them.  The 5 brain building basics are LOOK, FOLLOW, CHAT, TAKE TURNS, and STRETCH the conversation. 

Connection Saves Lives – Youth Mental Wellbeing

Presenters:  Kristi Slette, M.Ed., Lisa Moulds, M.A., Danielle Humphreys, Wil Henkel. Whatcom Family and Communities Network ( shares pathways toward HOPE. Keys to ending youth suicide are youth engagement, community capacity building, authentic engagement, and nurturing emerging leaders. M.A.D. Hope (  is a collaborative program aimed at offering HOPE through positive action to prevent youth suicide. The youth suicide prevention program provided training every year for hundreds of youth and adults, for over 10 years.

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