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Art of Hosting – The Art of Hosting website has lots of resources, see dates for future sessions, or sign up to the mailing list and visit the AoH online community on Ning where there is an abundance of resources!.
Berkana Institute – A glimpse into the global web of leaders who have been friends and partners in this work, as well as a great articles and resources for leaders and communities. Check out the awesome stories in the e-newsletter.
Open Space Technology  - excellent methodology to support groups in self-organizing swiftly and effectively around what they care about. This links to my favorite set of resources by Chris Corrigan for how to do OS well.
The World Cafe  – excellent participatory process where we meet around small tables of 4-5 with questions that matter. Stories and resources from the global online community are  here.
Peer Spirit Circle  – Circle methodology is core to my practice and life. Christina and Ann are great teachers and friends as well as authors of The Circle Way.
Chaordic Commons  – We are working with emergence, chaos theory, and new of leadership, nice resources.
Appreciative Inquiry Commons – online AI community with in depth case examples of using AI.
Presencing Institute – exploring the application of U Theory and how we presence the emerging future and help to bring it into being.

 Selected Articles:

Conversational Leadership:   Key article on how conversation is central to all change efforts and sound advice on how to architect the process.
The Art of Powerful Questions: A brilliant guide to creating and working with powerful questions. The basis for all good participatory design.
Using Emergence to take Social Innovations to Scale:    Describes how change happens in networks and the importance of connecting the innovators/pioneers as networks and communities of practice.
From Hero to Host: A story of citizenship in Columbus Ohio:  Inspiring story from our friends in Columbus illustrating how the Art of Hosting can impact major issues in a community of place, such as food access, availability of medical care, and national homelessness issues.
Art of Harvesting:  What are we really doing in our meetings and events? We’re not planning a meeting we’re planning a harvest – planning for what will come out of the meeting and where it goes next.
The Work of Leadership:   Key insights by Ron Heifetz describing the different kinds of leadership needed in adaptive challenges verse more technical problem solving challenges. The practices we use are especially useful in addressing adaptive change.
The Tao of Holding Space:   The essence of Open Space Technology facilitation is known as “holding space.” This e-book by Chris Corrigan explores the practice of holding space by reinterpreting the Tao te Ching.
Civic Engagement and the Restoration of Community:   How do we change the nature of the conversation in our community? How do we create accountability and co-create a powerful future? A small group and Peter Block take on the challenge.


Good collection of videos  from the Art of Hosting Online Community. Thanks especially to Ria Beck for her stewardship of this site!


Success Works Art of Hosting Evaluation:  Report on the impact of a series of AoH events in Australia in 2010 and 2011.

CMA Evaluation of Art of Hosting: Research conducted by the Columbus Medical Association on the impact of Art of Hosting Trainings from 2005-2007

Jennel King Thesis Paper:   Research paper on Art of Hosting in the non-profit organizational context

Poetry – a few favorites.

What to Remember When Waking  – David Whyte
Everything you do is Sacred  – Hafiz
the Doorframe – Adrienne Rich– Adrienne Rich
Everything is Waiting for you  – David Whyte
Start Close In  – David Whyte
The Journey – Mary Oliver
Now I Become Myself – May Sarton

Fire  – Judy Brown
Mary Oliver – Invitation – Mary Oliver
The Guest House  – Rumi
Our Greatest Fear – Marianne Williamson
Under The Noise – Mark Nepo
In the Other kind of Time – Mark Nepo
When Despair for the World Grows in Me – Wendell Berry