I work as part of a broad global network of friends and colleagues who come together for various projects, work to connect efforts in different geographies, and are great learning partners for how to create the type of changes that are needed at this time.  It’s an honor to be part of this global web that includes the Art of Hosting Community, the Berkana Community, and the World Café Community.

The people I work with most closely for design and hosting of events and projects are:


Tenneson Woolf:  Tenneson and I have worked together for over ten years, designing and hosting meetings/events, offering Art of Hosting Trainings, supporting many communities, organizations and leaders in their bold work.   Tenneson is brilliant at getting to the heart of the matter, finding the simple line amidst complexity, helping groups see the deeper possibilities that are waiting for them.   He brings out the deep wisdom in individuals and teams.  He works from abundant curiosity, playfulness, wisdom, and creativity.


Chris Corrigan:  Chris is truly a master learner and teacher.  Our friend Christina Baldwin once said of Chris, “you eat your teachers and spit them out as story.”   Chris’s Irish heritage is alive in his incredible way of teaching  from story.  His Ojibwa heritage helps us live into the deeper patterns of resilience, community, and ancestral wisdom that always support us in creating the new.  Chris is a “harvestor extraordinaire ”  committed to learning at every level and sharing that bolding through his blog and website.  He embodies the “Art of Hosting” as a true process artist and invites people into their creative brilliance.


Caitlin Frost:  What happens as we step out of our fears and our limiting beliefs?  Who are we and what can we create?  Caitlin is one of the most loving and courageous people I know.  She is comfortable hosting us in our biggest fears, worries, and judgments -   Thus creating a place of transformation that opens wild possibility.  Caitlin is an incredible process host and helps us create teams with deep trust and wisdom at the center.  Her practice of facilitating the work of Byron Katie has become a practice for all of us in our work and life.


Sono Hashisaki:  Sono has been dedicated to working on behalf of the wellbeing of the Puget Sound and the Bioregion for decades.   Her background in landscape design and ecosystem planning has her looking at everything through the eyes of systems, resilience, and the kind of relationships we need to build sustainable partnerships.   Sono has a vision for the Puget Sound and Bioregion that has me captivated and curious for how we build the kind of partnerships needed to  “bringing everything along.”   Sono lives hospitality and community – food, music, friendship, laughter, and wicked conversations!  It’s great to be her friend and companion in many efforts!


Other close friends and colleagues:

Center for Ethical Leadership