Fall Schedule and Train the Trainer

I hope you can join me for one of the fall classes. The self-healing practices are needed these days. I feel honored to serve so many organizations and communities.

We can navigate the myriad of challenges we are facing with more ease. Doing so makes us smarter. As our bodies enter a restorative state, more oxygen and circulation get to our brains and vital organs. Our brains come out of survival mode more easily and we plug into our exquisite intelligence. We can hear and see each other. We can be in learning and relationship. We can focus more.

Our Fall Cohort for Take Care of Your Heart is forming now.

Our Train-the-Trainer Team for Self-Regulation:Create Habits of Ease is growing!

Self-Regulation helps us navigate each day with a little more ease.

Restorative Anatomy for Self-Regulation helps us learn about our brilliant bodies and minds.

Enjoy these opportunities! Visit PowerOfEaseKeys.Com to sign up.

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