Creating Coherent Fields and Meetings – The Science of the Heart

It’s a crazy world – we’re all running in 100 directions, and thus our capacity to think, learn, move  and listen together can be severely challenged.  It’s also at a time when our paradigms and systems are severely stressed and we are in deep need of innovation.

I’m always on the lookout for practices that help us truly arrive and be present to one another and to create “deep meeting” – where there is room for our intuitive intelligence, our wisdom, innovation – where we know how to work with our some of the toxic stress and emotions  – consciously shifting our patterns of relating.

One set of practices I love comes from the Heartmath Institute.   They contrast the state of being in “coherence” to that of being in our stress responses.  They’ve clinically demonstrated what happens to our bodies, brains, and creative when we are under stress (anger, anxiety, frustration, fear).  Our bodies can dump up to 1400 stress hormones and chemicals into our systems.   In contrast if we create “coherence” through work with higher vibrational thoughts, feelings, and heart based practices it actually streams in energy into our mental, emotional, and physical systems, especially our nervous system.

So “hosting” the heart field is MUCH more than woo-woo.  It is essential to creating alignment, heart intelligence, intuitive intelligence, individual and collective resilience, individual and group effectiveness.

I think creating these types of fields are the best of what is created as we are hosting our processes well and attuned to the field.

To learn more about what science is says about the amazing role our heart plays in our lives, work and hosting.

Quick Coherence is  one of the basic of the practices of Heartmath – try this.

Let’s build these types of wise fields of collaboration over and over again.

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