SELF-Leadership Learning Journey Cohort – October 5- November 9

Take Care of Your Heart.

Joining the SELF-Leadership cohort is a commitment you make to your SELF! Our cohort launches October 5th, 7:30-8:45 am PT, 10:30-11:45 ET Cohort meets every Tuesday through November 9th.

Your six-week journey includes daily meditations, weekly cohort gatherings, teachings, and a reflection journal. The meditations are available in English and Spanish.  

Register HERE.

Take time to: 

  • Journey home to YOUR heart.
  • Support and nourish your heart
  • Find strength at all levels – physical, emotional, mental, spiritual.
  • Care for what is heavy on your heart.
  • Kindle the dreams in your heart.

Weeks 1-3: Exercise our Stress Responses Less – Lighten our hearts

Week 1: Train the observer

Week 2: Accept that I feel that way

Week 3: Conscious breathing

Week 4-6: Exercise our Resilience More – Kindle the dreams in our hearts

Week 4: Practice the pivot from fear to love, from react to respond

Week 5: Expand my Resilience and sense of SELF

Week 6: Focus my attention and thoughts on what I want to create

Get your EASE KEYS

Find ways to navigate our current challenges and crisis with a little more EASE. Understanding the nervous system gives us great cues and clues to support our brains, bodies, and breath in times of stress. Have micro-moves you can use throughout the day! Find moves that you ENJOY and work for YOU. BE AN EASE DETECTIVE!

Download your EASE KEYS here. Spanish Se el detective de tu tranquilidad

I’m rolling these out through a series of webinars in communities and organizations. Building our community capacity and RESILIENCE! The sessions are all experiential – step into the Neurobiology Lab of YOU!

The 3 webinars titles are: 1. Self-Regulation and Co-Regulation, 2. Connection Matters – Your Social Engagement System, and 3. Coming Out of the Panic Zone.