I am a student of nature and living systems as a paradigm for how to navigate times of dramatic change.  I work with individuals, organizations, networks and communities to see how to creatively and powerfully move forward amidst the changes we are seeing.   We are adaptive, creative, connected and resilient as human beings and need to bring forward these capacities in all our endeavors through well designed processes, change efforts, strategic dialogs and community events.

I have an eye for the bridge between the strategic and the personal.   I am always listening for the strategic paths forward:   Looking for and naming the clarity that arises as groups works together;   Looking for the deeper purpose and potential  of a given meeting, conference, or training and seeing how we can make that real; Identifying the systemic issues at play and sensing  what moves are available.    This is often very “personal” work which starts by bringing forward the authentic voices within a team to discover what is really at the heart of our efforts together.      From this platform of shared purpose and authentic leadership great things happen.

My work for 18 years has been about change, leadership, and dialog.  I am a facilitator, a dialog host, a group process architect/artist, an organizational development consultant, and a leadership coach.  My career included 13 years in high tech industry leading a large training organization and working as a Leadership and Organizational Development Consultant.   There I learned about human potential, seeding innovation, adaptive leadership and designing participative change efforts.

Over the past 10 years my work has been dedicated to social change efforts including working with a breath of non- profit organizations, community driven efforts, First Nations communities, and Social Entrepreneurs.     We are in an age with no easy answers, and no certainty.  It is a time of working with our questions, being incredible learners together, fostering an abundance of leadership, and building the kind of friendships that can navigate rapids together.

I often design/host in partnership with Tenneson Woolf, Chris Corrigan, Sono Hashisaki, Caitlin Frost and many other close colleagues to form powerful teams.   We work together with groups as they move through significant change or in support of an event, community or initiative.  We’ve found that having the balance, creativity, trust, and vision of 2 or more of us present makes a significant shift in the depth of the work we can do.   Given the time of acceleration and transformation we are in, it seems many settings require this.

My work has been inspired by the Berkana Institute,  the The Art of Hosting and World Cafe.  I have been part of these global communities of practice for over 10 years and find the quality of co-learning,  practical application and friendship to be extraordinary.     We are learning how to live the future now.

I love my work and the people I have the opportunity to work with.  They are visionary, inspiring, practical, passionate and creative.


Authentic Leadership In Action

Casey Foundation

Center for Ethical Leadership

Disciples of Christ

El Paso Dept of Health


Evergreen School

Financial Planners Association of America

First Alaskans Institute

Franciscan Sisters of Perpetual Adoration

Fraser Valley Presbytery

Global United Methodist Church

Greater Tacoma Community Foundation

Hope Community Center

Institute of Noetic Science

Klamath Falls Rural Health Initiative

Leading from the Heart


Montana Tech

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association

National Park Service

Navajo Nation

Providence Healthcare

Quinault Indian Nation

Society of the Sacred Heart

United Way of Thurston County

University of Nebraska – Rural Futures Institute

University of Washington

Viterbo University

Voices for Illinois Children

Waldorf Schools Association

Washington Family Policy Council


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