Basics of N.E.A.R. Science – Handout

Teri Barila and Rick Griffin of the Community Resources Initiative, put together a two page handout to explain the basics of the N.E.A.R. Sciences as part of their teachings. One of my Dad’s important roles in life, was helping people understand the basics of the science. If we don’t understand the basics, then we end up creating incorrect and insufficient hypothesis and solutions. Understanding the basics of N.E.A.R. was key to my own healing and to the work we are doing across Washington. We are working to help people learn to work with stress and their emotions as it relates to the brain states, which is something many of us still need to master. Thank you to Teri and Rick for their amazing leadership!  And thank you to Walla Walla for being a resilience and trauma informed community!!AiqfWKZGqfBJgahiFvd1L-mdHN2bqA 

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