2015 ACE’s and Neurosciences Resource List

We had a session at our Bowen Island Art of Hosting on the Neuroscience and ACE’s – I offered to share out a suite of resources from the work here in Washington State and also my ever geeky study of the neurosciences, resilience, and healing.   It is a deep passion of mine learning how patterns are in the physical, emotional, mental body and what are the tools and practices that support healing.   I’m profoundly grateful to Laura Porter, Rob Anda, all of my friends at the former Family Policy Council, and SOOOO many others offering the gift of their leadership to these efforts.

Video Resources on ACE’s AND Resilience

Rob Anda, MD, “Adverse Childhood Experiences in our Society.”

Rob Anda, MD “Adverse Childhood Experience, What Do Future Leaders Need to know”

Laura Porter Keynote Address on Flourishing – youtube

Breaking the Cycle of ACE’s in Washington – Laura Porter

Resilience in Education youtube series by Michael Unger

Ace Study DVD Movie Trailer

 Adverse Childhood Experience Study resources:

Adverse Childhood Experiences Fact Sheet  http://www.cdc.gov/ace/ Rob Anda, MD

Find out your ACE score:  http://acestudy.org/ace_score

More on the ACE’s Study http://acestudy.org/home  linking childhood trauma to long term health and social consequences.  It is the underlying cause of chronic health problems.   LOTS of resources here!

 Resources from Washington State Efforts:

Washington State Adverse Childhood Resilience and Promotion details a lot of what we’ve been learning in Washington State in relation to complexity science, ACEs and Resilience. This was based on a middle manager series delivered by Laura Porter (I did the Proaction Café for the series).

Neurobiology ACEs and Early Learning Slides – A few slides showing what part of the brain potentially impacted depending on when trauma occurs in the development cycle. (Source Laura Porter and ACE Interface Master Trainer Program)

Resilience Trumps Aces: Resilience Resources for Community and School Engagement from Walla Walla Washington.  Website:  http://resiliencetrumpsaces.org/  – including cool card game!

We are also engaging here in an Essentials for Childhood effort.  See Essentials for Childhood Fact Sheet and CDC Essentials for Childhood Framework

 Personal Mastery Resources: 

There are “Personal Mastery” practices that help us to heal physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.   The one I’m deeply studying is the work of Joey Klein (http://www.joeyklein.com/).  There are several meditation series and book rooted in neurosciences and healing that help shift core physical, emotional, mental patterns.   The initial book/meditation series I recommend is Inner Matrix.  I’ve also spent a lot of time studying  Energy Medicine as part of healing as these are all “energetic patterns” in our bodies, emotions and neuro-pathways.  The form of energy medicine I study and practice is https://www.reconnectivetherapy.com/.

I also continue to grow through working with stressful thoughts (Byron Katie – The Work) and my body intelligence (somatics or embodied leadership). Daniel Siegel’s work is also excellent – such as the Mindsight and Brainstorm.

Here’s a few other personal mastery resources:

Free online meditation series on the Inner Matrix by Joey Klein

Diane Breneman “Your Brain on Meditation”

Diane Breneman, “Meditations Effect on the Physical Body”

 The Effects of “The Work” meditation (Byron Katie) on psychological symptoms and quality of life.


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